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Sober Housing For Adults 

 501(c)3 Nonprofit



To provide safe affordable housing for adults recovering from substance abuse.

Teaching necessary life skills to foster long-term sobriety. 



         Supporting Individuals By Providing Sober Housing and Recovery Services  

Mary's Hope is the ONLY program in Colorado that offers Private Bedrooms

Mary's Hope provides full-service programs to support those in recovery.  Our homes are fully furnished and in safe neighborhoods.  

We provide meetings, peer support, life coaches, low energy neurofeedback, art therapy and more.  

We also provide social activities at the SOBER UNDERGROUND which offers live bands, open mic nights, pool tables, darts and more. 

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supported by our community, church and private individuals.

Homes are located In the Metro Denver Area
Littleton, Lakewood, Denver

Healing The Whole Person Will Result In Long-Term Sobriety

     Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS)
      Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS)
      Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS)

Insults or injuries to the brain, both physical and emotional, have the potential to alter brain functioning. 

LENS treatments are non-invasive and painless. Many have been able to reduce or completely eliminate their medications after receiving this treatment.

With LENS Brain Mapping and consistent treatment for a short period of time it is possible to identify and correct many underlying neurological problems. The effect can result in dramatic improvement in personal productivity.

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